Headshotsplus: Blog https://www.headshotsplus.uk/blog en-us (C) Headshotsplus headshotsplus@btinternet.com (Headshotsplus) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:06:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:06:00 GMT Musician Headshots - Alex https://www.headshotsplus.uk/blog/2017/3/musician-headshots---alex The latest headshot client is musician, Alex. 

Alex is a drummer in a band, and required some updated images. I shot a mix of high and low key images, enabling Alex to have plenty of variation to choose from when he is using the images on social media, websites and documents.

I decided to light Alex from camera right, and with a further light over Alex's right shoulder providing the rim light and important separation from the background.

I absolutely love the transition from light to shade, and back to light again on the left hand side of the image. This provides depth which enhances any image.

Alex has ended with a selection of 80 images from the session, and hopefully enough variety of poses and backgrounds to keep him going for a while.

If you are a musician, actor, corporate client or just need an up to date array of images for your website or social media use, please drop me a line. Im based in Norwich, Norfolk.



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Musician, Adam Meek Music, portfolio refresher by Norfolk Headshots Plus https://www.headshotsplus.uk/blog/2017/2/musician-adam-meek-music-portfolio-refresher-by-norfolk-headshots-plus Last weekend brought a portfolio refresher for the fabulous Adam Meek Music  by Headshots Plus.

Many laughs and some great tunes later, we had achieved some classic image together, with the hope that Adam will soon be able to use one of them for his album cover.

Images were of a low key nature, which I felt lends itself to the style of music Adam creates. 

For anyone in the Norfolk area looking to book some musical entertainment, whether that be for a wedding or other event, than Adam Meek Music will surely deliver.

Adam Meek Music portfolio shoot by Headshots Plus.Adam Meek Music portfolio shoot by Headshots Plus.Adam Meek Music Adam Meek Music portfolio shoot by Headshots Plus.Adam Meek Music portfolio shoot by Headshots Plus.Adam Meek Music

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Headshots, headshots & headshots by Norfolk based Headshotsplus https://www.headshotsplus.uk/blog/2016/12/headshots-headshots-headshots-by-norfolk-based-headshotsplus With stylised headshots very popular at the moment, now is a great time to book in for your session to update your headshots, or have some done for the first time.

If you are looking to obtain that special job or role, then a high quality headshot is essential. From actors to singers, models or solicitors, a good headshot reflecting your personality and brand is one of the most powerful advertising weapons you can display. After all, you may be selling your vision, your idea, your company or just yourself to win or achieve your goals, a stunning headshot will definitely help.

At Headshotsplus, we believe a fabulous headshot reflects your personality, your charm, which is why we will discuss your requirements with you prior to the shoot. We like to understand your goals and ambitions, and create your headshot around this. After all, your eyes are the windows to your soul, and when you are relaxed it shows in your eyes, and what can be more a welcoming image than a headshot that shows you as you, not as a 'say cheese' participant in a snapshot!

Our sessions last around 60 mins, and we will capture a variety of poses and looks if you wish you bring a change of clothes to vary the style. The headshots are taken on location at maybe your offices, your home, or anywhere where we can set our studio lights up.

We also offer shoots outside on location, perhaps a park, beach or woods, or anywhere that takes your fancy.

With 10x8 inch prints and digital (full copyright) image options available, why not drop us an email to see what we can do for you.



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