Elliott, owner of Serruys Entertainment, required some images for website, social media and potential album cover use. 

The crooner/swing style that Elliott is famed for, I believe dictated that the images have that film noir, kind of 40/50's retro look. High contrast, monochrome images that portray that moody look, which we both agreed goes hand in hand with the style of music Elliott performs.

We decided to use the microphone in the images, to illustrate that these are images of a musical artist, otherwise perhaps it would just look like a chap in a tuxedo!

Session lasted around an hour and I captured a variety of images in high key and low key, although the low key images really lend the correct feel to the image in my view, and Elliott was over the moon with them.

The images were front lit by the fabulous Westcott 28inch Apollo, and a further light placed behind Elliott pointing towards the background provided that splash of separation light. This was important as Elliott has very dark hair, and you would not be able to see the separation between hair and background without it. I then popped a gel over the flash for variation.